We allocate funds from each round to pre-selected projects as per our Investment Strategy.

Our strategy combines simple operations that can be efficiently controlled and managed. It is based on the acquisition of Assets, their small-scale Development, and gradual Renting or Selling. We primarily direct funds towards the "Real Estate" and "Industry" sectors. By combining these areas, we diversify investment risk. The set of acquired Assets represents a Portfolio. Its management and further development achieve a reasonable return above the inflation threshold. In each investment round, a unique combination of Assets is created, which contribute to value-added creation. This is the basis for generating returns and paying dividends to shareholders.

Real Estate

The "Real Estate" sector focuses on residential projects, the development of commercial and industrial buildings and/or land. A significant portion involves renovating the housing stock, improving the quality and energy efficiency of spaces and buildings.


The "Industry" sector focuses on modern production technologies and energy. We accelerate projects focused on energy services and innovate production technologies, spaces, and warehouses.


The "Digital" sector uses financial surpluses from cash flow and temporarily invests and appreciates them in assets such as currency pairs, stocks, bonds, and indexes.

Project selection process

Thanks to our long-standing business contacts and experience in managing strategic projects, we monitor several promising project proposals on the CEE market. These opportunities represent a volume of more than 50 million EUR annually.

The project selection process goes through several internal steps in which multiple factors are assessed and evaluated. A detailed financial analysis is conducted, the perspective of creating added value is evaluated, risks are assessed, and management and insurance costs are analyzed. Investment goals (evaluation and investment horizon) are defined for each project. Then, the conditions for entering the project, requirements for supervision and controlling the project, and conditions for planned or premature exit are defined.

When selecting projects, we follow the CCS philosophy (create, capture, sustain) = create added value, share, and create conditions for sustaining and repeating the process of creating added value.