Investment Opportunities

We typically prepare and open 1 to 3 investment rounds per year, depending on the current situation, the quality of available projects, the size of the group's appetite, and other factors. We invest primarily our own group's funds in smaller investment rounds, but external investors (individuals or companies) may also participate in investment rounds. After evaluating and selecting projects, the terms for entering the investment round are finalized, and supporting documentation is prepared. Details regarding the investment strategy are usually discussed among shareholders at events organized by the investment club. The average annual return on capital is usually in the range of 6-18%, with an investment horizon of approximately 3 to 6 years. The investment coupon or share value is individually proposed in the range of approximately 2 to 200 thousand euros. We prefer projects with lower risk and use multiple tools to secure them.

Shareholders and external investors have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the specific terms of the investment round and documentation. To make this process more attractive, we founded an association in 2014 called the Business Connection Club (BCC, The club organizes meetings for investors and those interested in investing. Current projects, new opportunities, and other group plans are discussed during club activities. Only current shareholders, members of the investment club, and their invited guests may attend meetings. Events are organized in the form of personal meetings (business breakfasts or evening networking with wine tasting). Some meetings are also organized as conference calls. The club and its members obtain detailed information, bring new ideas, and provide feedback on investment plans and ongoing projects. In addition to networking, the club organizes cultural events aimed at supporting culture and the arts.

If you are interested in investing through investment rounds or would like to participate in an event organized by the investment club, please contact the Administrator or the Club.

The administrator is PFCEU s.r.o., which performs all activities related to the administration and management of investors based on a special contract with GTF GROUP j.s.a. and BCC.

Contact details:, +421 917 717 006,

Investment rounds

Round Start End State Type Period Volume ISIN Yield Infolist
Round 01 1.5.2022 15.6.2022 Finished cloan 2 50 50/50
Round 02 1.10.2022 31.12.2022 Finished p_stock 5 500 SK1000026171 75/25
Round 03 1.3.2023 25.4.2024 in progress bond 5+1 8000 SK4000022554 7,11%pa +P1+P2+P3 Teaser 03
Round 04 25.3.2023 25.5.2024 in progress bond 5+1 990 SK4000022695 7,00%+P1 Teaser 04
Round 05 Preparing 4000
Round 06 Preparing 990