GTF GROUP j.s.a. was established in 2020 as a spin-off from PFCEU s.r.o., which has been operating as an advisor to top management and owners of companies in the industrial production, energy, and information technology sectors since 2006. The separation was decided by the shareholders with the aim of creating a new entity that would mainly generate value for the group's own capital. Another goal was to allow external investors to invest and appreciate the capital through prepared investment rounds.

Each investment round has internally set separate accounting operations and records. Therefore, for each round, it is possible to track and manage: cash flow for individual projects, property management costs, value-added generation, and control of dividends paid to shareholders. The portfolio's annual return ranges from 6 % to 18 % depending on the market situation. We invest in proven things, no complicated and risky investments.

Thanks to our long-standing business contacts, we monitor several promising project plans on the CEE market. These opportunities represent a volume of more than 50 million EUR annually. The further development and growth of the group also depend on the team's ability to address these opportunities and provide financing for selected projects.

We mainly direct finances into two areas: Real Estate and Industry. The "Real Estate" area focuses on residential projects, the development of commercial-industrial buildings and/or land. A significant part is the renovation of the housing fund, increasing the quality and energy efficiency of spaces and buildings. The "Industry" area focuses on modern production technologies and energy. We also use the supplementary "Digital" area to evaluate assets such as currency pairs, stocks, bonds, and indices for surplus evaluation.

By combining these areas, we diversify investment risk and achieve a reasonable return above the inflation threshold. Returns from the project portfolio are regularly redistributed in the form of profits or dividends to individual shareholders based on the conditions defined in the strategy for each investment round.

We plan to implement 1 to 3 investment rounds annually, depending on the current situation, the group's appetite, and the quality of new investment opportunities.

Ing. Radovan Lucina, MBA, CPRM
Chairman of the Board of Directors of GTF GROUP j.s.a.